Congratulations Dennis & Ashley

ImageDennis and Ashley started with CAC in December and got right to work on their Home Study and Profile Book.  By mid-February, they began applying to agencies and were ready to present their profile book for the first time on Friday, February 28th.  That afternoon they received a call saying a baby had been born and, if they wanted, he was theirs.  IF they wanted????  They packed like crazy people, jumped in the car, and had their beautiful son in their arms just a few hours later.  Praise the Lord for {rapidly} answered prayers!

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Congratulations Leslie

42claudettecLeslie started with CAC in May and was concerned that, due to an already lengthy adoption journey, her dreams of becoming a mother might never come to fruition.  She signed on with CAC, began applying to agencies in May, and in mid-September was made aware of a woman making an adoption plan for her daughter due to be born in December.  Leslie presented her profile book to this mom, had a phone conference with her that went amazing well, and was officially matched!  On December 17th, Leslie’s precious daughter was born.  I love how God brings families together in the most miraculous of ways and am thrilled that He saw fit to bring these two together!

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Congratulations Justin & Kristin

41RosiepJustin and Kristin started with CAC in September and began applying to agencies in October.  Later that same month, they were matched with a birth mom.  Two weeks later, they had their daughter in their arms!  What a joyful Thanksgiving and Christmas this will be for this sweet, growing family.

Like all adoptive parents, Justin and Kristin will agree that adoption isn’t easy.  It isn’t for the faint of heart.  It isn’t a stress or pain-free way to grow a family.  But it is ALWAYS worth it!

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Congratulations {again!} Kyle and Kim

40maliahKyle and Kim began working with CAC for a second time in February of 2013. Just as happened with their first adoption, the couple presented immediately after having their Home Study was completed and were MATCHED!

However, unlike their first adoption, this one didn’t turn out the way they had hoped, as mom chose to parent shortly after baby was born.  Kim and Kyle, although heartbroken, jumped right back into life and stayed busy focusing their time and attention on their daughter, trusting God to make all things beautiful in time.  And that He did!

Two weeks later they received a call about a baby girl who had been born and did not yet have adoptive parents.  Kyle and Kim presented to mom, were chosen, and they are now busy snuggling their precious new daughter!  The Lord makes all things beautiful in time!

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Website Launch Discount

In celebration of the launch of our new and greatly improved website, we are thrilled to offer a discount from July 25th-August 5th!

10% off our Consulting Services
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(Discounts do not apply to Special Needs Adoption Package, DIY package or 2nd Time Client Package)

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Congratulations Ryan and Tiffany

401148_10100273508374293_1637302405_nEvery once in a while I have the privilege of participating in one of those romance, whirlwind adoptions that every adoptive parent dreams of.  Twas the case with Ryan and Tiffany!  This sweet couple started with CAC in April and began applying to agencies toward the end of the month.  A couple of weeks later they presented their profile book to a mom, hoping the baby boy she was carrying was meant to be their son.  However, a few days later, they heard a tough ‘no’ from that situation and moved along their adoption journey, asking God to bring their baby to them.  About a week later, I was contacted by the agency saying that the chosen adoptive family was not able to proceed with the adoption and that they were, once again, looking for families to present to mom.  Ryan and Tiffany, of course, presented, and it was a matter of minutes before the agency called them saying that they had been CHOSEN!  That was May 14th.  On May 19th they welcomed their son into the world.  Dad, Mom, and big brother couldn’t be happier!


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Congratulations Kip and Amy

Sometimes you meet someone who you hope will be a close friend for life.  For me, that was Amy.  I met Amy and her husband Kip in late 2011 after they had contacted me about adoption.  God was stirring their heart to adopt a child, and although family members had adopted children internationally, they weren’t familiar with domestic adoption.  We met and talked for a while.  We talked about the adoption process, the blessings of adoption, and the risks.  I noticed that every time we talked about birth parents, they became emotional.  They shared with me their desire to meet a need.  About wanting to love and support birth parents through their adoption journey.  As our conversation continued, I realized that God had them on this journey for far greater reasons than they were aware of at that very moment.  The child they adopted would indeed be blessed and be a blessing, but there was a much bigger picture involved.  I believed God was going to use them in a mighty way to minister to others, to share the love of Christ with those they came in contact with, and to meet a great need in the life of a precious child.  All through this process called adoption.

Fast forward a few months.  Kip and Amy’s Home Study was completed, they signed up with CAC, and they applied to agencies.  So far, so good.  But then things began to get tricky. They said yes to baby after baby after baby, but God kept saying no.  They went through the trenches time and time again, getting their hopes up only to have those hopes dashed in the end.  They hit hurdle after hurdle and disappointment after disappointment.  Three different times they matched only to have the birth mom change her mind.  Once after baby was born.  Once after they met and cared for baby.  And once toward the end of the pregnancy.  But you know what I noticed?  I noticed that they never became bitter. They never yelled and screamed and questioned God. {Now me, on the other hand…} I noticed that their total trust in Christ carried them through.  The hope of their calling carried them through.  The love they had for one another carried them through.  Their choice to count their blessings, rather than focus on what wasn’t working out, carried them through.

In early April I received an email regarding a very messy, very difficult, very risky adoption.  And in true Kip and Amy fashion, they said yes.  They believed that God had them on this journey to meet a need, and they were determined to be obedient.  Six very long weeks later, they received word that mom was headed to the hospital.  Over the next 5 days, they received very little information and next to no reassurance as to whether this adoption would actually pan out. It went something like this…

Mom checked into the hospital.

Mom checked out.

C-section scheduled.

C-section postponed.

Baby is here.

It’s a boy!

No word today.

DCF is involved.

Time to book a flight but still unsure of details.

Unsure of where baby is at this point.

Can’t reach DCF.

No consent signed yet.

Then the email that I had been waiting for….
“Birthmom signed consents. Tonight we were cleared from DCF to care for baby. The attorney is meeting me in the morning at the hospital and I will get to meet baby.”


Baby is theirs…signed, sealed, delivered.  🙂  I can’t wait for the rest of the family to meet this little guy.  He is a miracle.  He is fearfully and wonderfully made.  And he is safe in the arms of his Mama!

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