Congratulations Ryan and Tiffany

401148_10100273508374293_1637302405_nEvery once in a while I have the privilege of participating in one of those romance, whirlwind adoptions that every adoptive parent dreams of.  Twas the case with Ryan and Tiffany!  This sweet couple started with CAC in April and began applying to agencies toward the end of the month.  A couple of weeks later they presented their profile book to a mom, hoping the baby boy she was carrying was meant to be their son.  However, a few days later, they heard a tough ‘no’ from that situation and moved along their adoption journey, asking God to bring their baby to them.  About a week later, I was contacted by the agency saying that the chosen adoptive family was not able to proceed with the adoption and that they were, once again, looking for families to present to mom.  Ryan and Tiffany, of course, presented, and it was a matter of minutes before the agency called them saying that they had been CHOSEN!  That was May 14th.  On May 19th they welcomed their son into the world.  Dad, Mom, and big brother couldn’t be happier!


To learn more about working with CAC on your adoption journey, please email me.

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2 Responses to Congratulations Ryan and Tiffany

  1. Christine says:

    This baby boy could not have gotten a better family than he did when he got Ryan and Tiffany and Cam as his family. A VERY lucky little boy who will have TONS AND TONS of love around him all the time.

  2. lesly barnes says:

    how wonderful congrats to you all!!!!!!!!!

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