Congratulations {again!} Kyle and Kim

40maliahKyle and Kim began working with CAC for a second time in February of 2013. Just as happened with their first adoption, the couple presented immediately after having their Home Study was completed and were MATCHED!

However, unlike their first adoption, this one didn’t turn out the way they had hoped, as mom chose to parent shortly after baby was born.  Kim and Kyle, although heartbroken, jumped right back into life and stayed busy focusing their time and attention on their daughter, trusting God to make all things beautiful in time.  And that He did!

Two weeks later they received a call about a baby girl who had been born and did not yet have adoptive parents.  Kyle and Kim presented to mom, were chosen, and they are now busy snuggling their precious new daughter!  The Lord makes all things beautiful in time!

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1 Response to Congratulations {again!} Kyle and Kim

  1. lesly barnes says:

    she is beautiful congrats!

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