Congratulations Shawn & Darcy

36adahkI have been waiting a long time to write this blog post.  This couple began their adoption journey quite some time ago.  They said yes to a lot of babies, although none of those babies were ‘their’ baby.  They had many highs and lows throughout their journey.  Many.  But although they felt like it at times {and perhaps threatened it a few times} they never gave up on the dream God had placed deep within their hearts to have another child.  Last week brought the call they had been waiting for….a baby girl had been born in December.  Her parents were making an adoption plan for her and had chosen them to be her adoptive parents! They packed the car, headed south, and met their precious daughter the following day.  I’m thrilled for this family!  Oh, and watch out boys, big brothers watching over her!

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Congratulations Gary & Doree

I am THRILLED to write a post about this beautiful family.

Nearly nine months ago, Gary & Doree contacted me about working with Christian Adoption Consultants.  They did not yet have children and felt called to adopt a very specific child…..

a female…
ages 3-9….
and regarding race, “In our dreams, she is hispanic.”

Tall order, huh?!?!  As they shared their adoption dreams with me, I was a bit hesitant to have them sign up, unsure of whether this dream would become a reality through the avenue of CAC.  However, they were certain that CAC was the way they wanted to proceed, so I signed them up and began to pray for their family.

I will interject that I believe THE SINGLE greatest BLESSING in working with CHRISTIAN Adoption Consultants is that we KNOW GOD.  We PRAY.  We have SEEN God move mountains and BELIEVE He will do it again.  We UNDERSTAND that most adoption journey’s are like MAJOR heart surgery on the parents, and we are there to PRAY THEM THROUGH.  We are AWARE of the battle at hand, and we CONTEND for the children involved.

Fast forward about eight months.  I received an email that went something like this….

We have a 9 year old little girl……Caucasian/Hispanic…..should probably not have a younger sibling.

I about fell out of my chair.  I immediately sent the email to Gary and Doree {who I assume almost fell out of their chairs as well}.  What has transpired is nothing short of miraculous.  Once they said “yes,” God worked out every detail beautifully, as He always does.  Over the past month Gary, Doree, and their new daughter have exchanged pictures and videos, talked, skyped, met, and are now home.  Together.  Safe.  Bonding.  Healing.  Connecting.  Loving.  Secure.

35blancacHe drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure.
Psalm 40:2

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Spring Consulting Discount

Spring-BabyChristian Adoption Consultants is pleased to offer a SPRING discount.

We will be offering 10% off all full service consulting packages and 20% off all consulting packages for those open to our Minority Adoption Program. (This offer ends April 26th and may not be combined with any other discounts)

If you’ve been considering adoption, now would be a great time to get started! If you’d like to learn more about Christian Adoption Consultants and the services we offer, email me at and request an info packet.

Blessings to you….and remember to tell your friends!

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Congratulations Evan and Shannon

34charleswDon’t you just love that “New Mommy Glow”?

This sweet couple  started with CAC in January, began applying to agencies in March, presented and matched with a mom that same week, and their precious son was born last week.  It has been a privilege to watch them embrace their sons’ birth mom, developing a loving, life-long relationship with her.  I look forward to the blessing that relationship will be to all of them in the future!

If you’re interested in learning more about CAC and the services we offer, email me.

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Congratulations Jacob & Shannon

I am absolutely in love with this picture!

Jacob and Shannon started with CAC last year and began applying to agencies in August.  They walked through their adoption journey with tender hearts open to the Lord’s perfect will for their family.  After the initial match, birth, and letting go of a child that wasn’t meant to be theirs, they continued to lean into the security of Jesus Christ as they continued on this journey with expectant hearts.  This past Thursday they received a call that changed our lives and had them on a plane headed to meet their new daughter who had been born that morning.  Welcome to the world and to your family, sweet girl!

Praise God who does ALL things well!

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Congratulations Mark and Ashley

32maxhMark and Ashley started with CAC in October and got busy raising funds for their adoption.  It was encouraging to see this family’s extended and church family surround them with love and support through their fundraising process.  On January 25th, they began applying to agencies… February they presented to a mom due later that same month…on February 18th they were told they had been MATCHED and on February 22nd their sweet son made his entrance into the world.  28 days from applications to baby in their arms!!  It was an honor to walk alongside this couple as they became a family of three!

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Congratulations Heath & Mary Leslie

31kaleighrHeath and Mary Leslie began exploring adoption early 2012.  By April, they were working with CAC and applying to agencies.  In November they were matched with a mom due to have a girl in January of 2013.  The relationship they developed with the birth mom was beautiful, as they loved one another wholeheartedly.

On January 9th, nearly 9 months to the day that they applied to agencies, their beautiful little girl was born and placed in their arms.  What a precious daughter for a precious couple.  Congratulations!

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